A lot of people who are part of our community at MTP are shocked when they find out about what we offer with our free Facebook group.

It’s a resource that allows you to access our rehab experts 24/7, to be able to ask any question you would like, while also being able to learn from the amazing insights of the people within our community. What’s more is that you get first-hand updates into what’s going on within MTP, including first access to exclusive competition offers (some massive one’s planned in the near future).

Unfortunately, it’s a resource that isn’t used as much as it should be.

As such we wanted to make a short guide for you, in order to show you some of the incredible features the group offers access to. Let’s dive in!




Ask Your Questions

One of the most empowering tools that we can give you access to, is instant access to our expert knowledge by being able to ask questions about your specific situation. When it comes to complex issues like injury, experience pays dividends. That’s why we have placed a premium on being available to answer any questions you might have ahead of seeing us. In our opinion, it would be doing a disservice to not make sure you were fully comfortable with our answer before coming in to see us.

This is incredibly important to us because, at the end of the day, our mission is to help over 1 million people by improving the way they move. If you run the numbers, this is simply impossible for us to achieve simply by seeing people in person. Hence why we have made ourselves available online to answer any questions you have in order to help you as much as possible.

Where seeing a practitioner might cost you up to $150 for an hour, we think that it is crucial to be able to get an opinion on your situation before you come in. This might be a second opinion from your current healthcare practitioner, or simply a question you want to know the answer to. Either way it’s something we’re incredibly proud to be able to offer.


Access To Experts

Within our community is some world-leading experts in multiple different areas. From sports medicine to surgery, to nutrition and academia, we have people who are at the top of their game. If there is a topic you would like to see more material on, please let us know. Everything we have in the group is constantly being updated based on your specific feedback!


Check out the ‘Units’

The units section of our Facebook group has specific content loaded into various modules that you can go through in your own time. There is tonnes of useful information in there, across many different areas.

MTP Community

The Units Tab can be accessed Via the Group Home Page & Has Tonnes Of Useful Resources


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