Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a unique service at MTP and sometimes that can be a little confusing. Hopefully this will help.

Q: I see MTP has Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology – who should I see?

The short answer is:

  • Our Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are our movement and exercise experts.
  • Our Physio’s are our treatment and rehab experts.

At MTP all of our therapists Physio or EPs, will be able to assist you at any stage of your injury. However, our therapists do have specialisations. If you are acutely injured (i.e. you hurt yourself in the last week or two and you need pain relief) then MTP’s Physios should be your first stop. If however, you have had a niggling issue that you haven’t been able to shake with manual therapy and rest alone OR you only feel discomfort when you are playing sport or exercising then you should see our Exercise Physiologists to help deal with the issue.

At the end of the day, MTP’s therapists always work as a TEAM so no matter who you see first, if your therapist thinks you would benefit more from seeing another member of MTP’s expert team then you will be referred appropriately to make sure YOU get the best outcomes possible.

Q: I’m not currently injured or in pain so what can I get out of seeing you?

The focus for you is on preventing injury and improving your health and performance. We can help you achieve this by improving your body control, flexibility, strength, energy and all round movement quality.

Q: So how do you prevent injury, improve performance and get better movement quality?

We start by completing a comprehensive biomechanical and movement analysis to identify restrictions and weaknesses that might be limiting your capacity to safely or efficiently complete sporting activities and complex training movements such as olympic weightlifting or gymnastics movements etc. From this assessment we are able to identify your most fundamental movement weaknesses or restrictions.

Q: That’s great, now I know what’s wrong with my movement but what then?

We then complete further local (targeted) assessment to identify the root of the movement restriction and from this prescribe a specific plan tailored to YOUR needs. This may include: manual treatment, corrective exercises and mobility drills. Each plan is designed specifically to address your individual limitations.

Q: Will all this additional corrective exercise mess with my current training/exercise?

Your corrective exercises won’t exceed 3 or 4 different correctives at any one time. In most cases they should never take you any more than 10-15mins to complete. This way they can be incorporated into your current training regime to enable uninterrupted training. It is recommended that your correctives be completed as part of your warm up to assist getting your movement quality optimal right before you train.

Q: Will you explain what I need to do with my coach/trainer?

Absolutely, one of the key benefits of seeing MTP practitioners is that your health and performance can be addressed under one roof. However if you train offsite all outcomes (with your consent) can be communicated to any of your coaches or trainers to allow an integrated approach to improving your health and performance – whether you are in group training or personal coaching sessions.

Q: Sounds like a lot of movement assessment and exercise? How long does all this take?

All of your initial assessment and first set of corrective exercises is completed in your first session. Initial appointments are 45mins. For follow up or review appointments you have the option of 45 or 30min appointments depending on your time availability and what you are working on.

Q: Do I need to keep seeing you regularly, because I’m already pressed for time with what I currently do?

Our goal at MTP is always to spend as few appointments with you as possible. Our aim is to get you moving better quickly and have you and/or your coach taking full control of your training. All interventions are provided to fit with your lifestyle and time availability. Once you are moving optimally you can simply check in with us periodically for a quick re-assessment to ensure you are maintaining your improved movement quality.