Northern Beaches Exercise Physiology

Bringing Exercise Physiology to The Northern Beaches

Welcome to our Northern Beaches Exercise Physiology service. We specialise in using exercise as medicine, designed to improve how you move so you can do more of what you love! How do we do this? It’s all about empowering you through exercise, and physiotherapy to take back control of your life.

For those who've been waiting finally, we have returned our unique approach of specialised exercise to the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our innovative new Northern Beaches clinic, offers a unique multidisciplinary service to ensures the highest level of patient care & treatment outcomes.

We've essentially taken everything that made our main clinic great & placed it within our Northern Beaches location, so we can help deliver our world-class results to more people.

The other amazing thing about this clinic is our partnership with other experts in the orthopaedic space, making this a truly multidisciplinary clinic. With surgeons, orthopaedic specialists, sports medicine professionals & physio all within the building, our clinic has the expertise to deliver high-quality care that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Exercise physiology service On the Northern Beaches

Our exercise physiology service in the Northern Beaches is all about assessing your individual needs and prescribing a specialised exercise program to help you move and live better. Our exercise physiologists can help you with a wide range of issues and conditions, including:

  • Injury prevention
  • Movement correction
  • Knee problems
  • Hip problems
  • Back problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes management
  • Heart disease
  • Weight management

Please note that if your injury is new or recent, our Northern Beaches physiotherapy partners can offer an initial assessment and treatment (note: please contact SIM Physio for physiotherapy within our Northern Beaches clinic). If your issue is longstanding, our experts in Exercise Physiology in the Northern Beaches will be your best place to start.

Northern Beaches physiotherapy puts empowerment at the heart of our approach. Not only do we want to help you get better, but we also want you to feel inspired to move better and live better through movement.

Northern Beaches Exercise Physiology

Take A Look Inside The Clinic

Exercise Physiology Northern Beaches
Exercise Physiology Frenchs Forest
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Learn about our Knee & Hip Program

MTP Health is now bringing its incredibly popular Knee & Hip Program run by Exercise physiologists, to the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The program is 12 weeks of targeted exercise to help improve your knee and hip pain.

It starts with an assessment, followed by a personalised program designed to address your specific issues and achieve your goals.

Our goal is to work together to get your knees and hips back to better mobility and experience less pain. We help you take control of your overall health by offering education and advice on making changes to your lifestyle.

With a thorough review every four weeks, we ensure that you are always progressing towards your health goals. Click the images below to see more. 

Knee Pain
The 4 Pillars Behind How the Knee & Hip Program Work to Produce World Class Results
Knee Pain
Exercise in a Group Environment is Incredibly Powerful For Pain Relief

Reach out to learn more about our Exercise Physiology service

If you want to know more about achieving your health and mobility goals through tailor-made treatment that empowers and inspires you, reach out to our Northern Beaches exercise physiology team.

Maybe you’ve been living with chronic pain in your knees, hips or any other part of your body, or struggling with an injury that has been holding you back.

If so, then exercise physiology at our Northern Beaches location can help get you moving and enjoying life again. Find out more about how we can do this together.

Our Partners At MTP Health Frenchs Forest


JointWorks is our direct partnership with orthopaedic specialists at MTP Health Northern Beaches.

Headed up by Dr Johnathon Negus, JointWorks is an innovative collaboration aimed at discovering the best care modalities for orthopaedic injuries. Recognising that Exercise Physiology is a crucial part of delivering best-practice care modalities Dr Negus chose MTP as JointWorks' preferred provider.

Dr Negus is an Australian trained Orthopaedic surgeon practising in Sydney, with UK and European based fellowship training in Hip & Knee surgery including sports, joint replacement and computer & robotic-assisted surgery. He operates at the Northern Beaches Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital.

Dr. Johnathon Negus - PhD, MA (Cantab) MA MBBS MRCS FRACS FAOrthA
Dr. Johnathon Negus

Northern Beaches physiotherapy service

Our Northern Beaches physiotherapy service offers assessment and diagnosis of your musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and a personalised 1-on-1 treatment plan to get you pain-free and on the way to your best movement. The conditions we treat include:

  • Pre and post-surgical treatment
  • Sports injuries
  • Back pain/injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Tennis elbow
Physiotherapy Frenchs Forest

Set In Motion Physiotherapy [SIM Physio]

Another powerful collaboration within MTP Health Northern Beaches is our partnership with SIM Physio.

As part of the Northern Beaches space, MTP's Exercise Physiology will be working directly the physiotherapy services of SIM physio to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

SIM physio are experts in the diagnosis & treatment of acute musculoskeletal conditions, being a leader for physiotherapy in the Frenchs Forest area. They will help power our ability to treat a wider range of people & provide the kind of base that is needed to get the lifelong treatment outcomes that MTP Health's Exercise Physiology provides.