MTP Health Knee Program

Our extremely popular Knee Control Program is a specialist exercise knee rehab course to help anyone with a knee concern. We can tailor the program for those who are at a very low level of function eg. falls risk, osteoarthritis, or post surgery right through to athletes looking to prevent injuries and increase performance.

Where Do We Start?

You will be taken through our comprehensive knee assessment process. This is done in person, at the MTP Health clinic, with one of our Exercise Physiologists. Our knee rehabilitation assessments determine your current level of function, help set your goals and monitor your progress. Based on your assessment results a personalised knee rehabilitation exercise program is designed specifically for you.

How Does it Work?

Based on your particular knee concerns, our Exercise Physiologists then develop a 12 week knee rehab exercise plan targeting your unique strengths and weaknesses. To ensure your program is always adapted exactly to you, your progress is reassessed every 4 weeks with a new block of rehab exercises. Each 4 weeks of knee exercises in your programming is therefore designed specifically for you so you get the results you deserve.

After each assessment you get a personalised one on one program start that will enable you to learn your knee exercises under the focused guidance of one of our movement specialists. You then join one of our small group sessions twice a week at a time that suits you. Our classes are capped at 4 people to ensure that you continue to get expert guidance.

Online Only option:
If you can’t attend in person sessions, we do offer an online program. You can do the in person assessment or online through video call. You can then complete your program at home with your own online exercise portal guiding you along under the supervision of our team of Exercise Physiologists. Through your online exercise program you have access to instructional exercise videos which demonstrate how all your knee rehab exercises should be performed, ensuring you get the most out of every session.

Our Knee Control Program will improve your function and your pain and get you back to doing the things you love!

Comprehensive assessments determine your current level of function and help set your goals and monitor your progress. Each 4 weeks of programming is designed specifically for you so you get the results you deserve.


As a foundations level participant you are working on regaining the baseline muscle activation and movement required to do your day to day activities more comfortably.


In the freedom levels you have the ability to do everyday activities but things like stairs, prolonged walking or squatting down are a problem. You will be focusing on getting stronger and building your range of movement.


At the lifestyle levels you are strong enough for ALL day to day activities. But you want more. When you play recreational sports, go hiking, run around with your kids/grandkids you feel limited or sore. Your focus will be building from strengthening to hopping, landing, and controlling direction change movements.


Your goals are all about performing better. You have the ability to run, jump, play sport but either you experience pain afterward or you want to work on preventing future injuries. There will be a big emphasis on developing your power, dynamic control and endurance. Be ready to work hard.

How You Progress Over a 12 Week Knee Program

12 Week Knee Program Common Questions

Why 12 weeks?
We ask for a 12 week commitment. This is because we want to create real, lasting change to improve your knee function and reduce pain. In order to improve how you move, establish better movement habits, train different muscles and strengthen your weaknesses, we need to be able to design a complete program. You have likely been struggling with knee pain for years, what’s 12 weeks for your body to learn, integrate and strengthen?
What’s the structure?
The program consists of 3, 4 week blocks. Your practitioner plans each 4 week training block based on your circumstances and progression.
How do I get access to my knee program?
You have 24/7 access to your program via an online program and app. As part of your induction, you get detailed instruction on how to sign up to the online program software and a link sent directly from the program to activate your account. If you have any problems, just call us and we can coach you through! We’ll help you get set up and comfortable with it. The app means that you can take your program anywhere – easy to take to the gym or with you if you travel for work.