Every so often, something comes along that has the potential to change the way we see our lives.

The potential to revolutionise how we do things & make our planet a better place because of it.

In our current world of technological advances, it seems as though these innovations are coming about more & more rapidly. PlaySport is one such innovation that is set to take the world of health by storm.

In the same way services such as Uber & Airbnb have transformed their respective industries, completely changing how people interact with the services they use on a daily basis, Playsport is set to have a similar effect on the landscape of health & wellness.

Health & Wellness Like You've Never Seen it Before

As part of a hallmark partnership with PlaySport, MTP Health is pairing up with this revolutionary application to help exercisers connect with worlds best practice movement & rehab.

At MTP we believe that movement is at the centre of everything that we do. When we move well, we're able to do everything else in our life better. It's the core ethos of our business in: 'Improve The Way You Move'.

We firmly believe in the power of because it can be a great measuring stick for function, pain, injury & health.

And yet it's not always easy to go about getting the amount of movement we need in our daily lives in. That's where PlaySport Comes in to the mix.

Making Movement Easy

At MTP we firmly believe in the power of what we call empowerment. Essentially it refers to a person's own ability to manage their own health, so they can avoid injury & movement issues for life.

In our experience, the best way to empower someone is to give them a goal to focus on that extends beyond just their health & wellness. As human beings, we're designed to move. Science has shown us approximately how much movement we need to be able to function optimally. We're also inherently wired towards the pursuit of intrinsic motivation. Essentially, we will enjoy something far more when we're pursuing improvement in the activity itself (and thus will be more likely to do it).

With these key concepts in mind, we at MTP firmly believe in the power of what PlaySport offers, as it allows for people to connect with activities in their area that will help them achieve empowerment & maintain their health for good!

PlaySport is a revolutionary platform that connects to local health & wellness experiences

How MTP Works Directly With PlaySport


We use our unique movement-based systems to determine exactly where you're currently at. We factor in injury, pain, function & future goals to give you a program that gets you where you want to be.


Our focus is on behaviour change. We give you a solution to movement that you absolutely love, so you don't even have to think about it. You just do it!


Our programs guide you along your movement journey, helping you to continue improving in the activities you participate in while becoming healthier in the process.

Where MTP Comes Into Things [Introducing Specialised Exercise]

Exercise Physiology North Sydney

The power of a platform like this cannot be understated. Often the hardest thing for people getting started with more activity is finding things that are close enough to them which they will like. PlaySport eliminates this problem through a unique suggestions feature, that caters its results specifically to your interests & needs.

MTP then comes into the fold, as we're able to provide tailored movement experiences to ensure that each person on the platform is able to give themselves the best chances of avoiding pain & injury for life while setting themselves up to get the most benefit possible from their activity.

It's an unfortunate reality of modern life that when it comes to movement, most of us simply don't function as well as we should. All the time spent sitting, not moving & living with modern conveniences have caused our body to adapt in a way that doesn't always favour activity. That's where we introduce our concept of specialised exercise in order to provide the exact form & dose of exercise you need to optimise your body for what you need it for. The key to this is that it's progressed specifically to you & where you're currently at.

This is how we work directly with PlaySport to ensure users are able to get optimal health benefits from their movement, while also avoiding major injury issues or pain.

A Sample Of What's Available on PlaySport