Specialised Programs

Programs designed to improve the way you move


‘The Restore Program’

Our specialist Restore Programs are a 12 week course to help anyone with knee, hip or shoulder problems. We program individually based on detailed assessments and tailor a program just for you.
We then supervise you twice a week in very small groups to ensure optimal results and continuous improvement.
This program, as it is fully customised, is for those who are at a very low level of function eg. falls risk, osteoarthritis, or post surgery right through to athletes looking to prevent injuries and increase performance.


‘Rehab accelerator’

Imagine if you could have your own physical therapy support crew with you every step of the way. Every exercise being perfectly calculated to your current needs. Every rep being checked to make sure your form is perfect. Every day being able to re-assess where you’re at to make sure the plan you’re on is taking you to where you want to go.

Where do you think you would be? Do you think you would achieve your goals faster? This is what the momentum program is all about.

We have found that the biggest limitation to people being able to get the best result possible from their rehab is simply being able to do it consistently. Often the biggest hurdle that stops them from being consistent is being worried that they aren’t doing it right. Thus, we have completely eliminated this problem by providing you with access to expert lead sessions perfectly catered to your needs


‘The Complete Solution’

What would your training program look like if it was devoted to allowing you to live the best life possible? How would you feel if you knew that everything you were doing was suited to your current level, being aimed at not only making you look good, but also feel better than you ever have?

This is the philosophy behind the Freedom. Where most training programs focus on one thing, we focus on it all. This ensures that we leave no stone unturned in achieving the only goal that matters: Improving your quality of life!

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