Our Vision

To set a new standard for private health care in Australia

Collaboration is the cornerstone

Integrated Medical & Allied Health Partnerships

Industry Leading Evaluation Technology & Facilities

A Supportive Community Environment

Collaboration is the cornerstone to delivering on our vision and mission. We understand that no single approach or intervention holds the solution for everyone. So to ensure everyone that comes into our care has the benefit of a community of experts, we partner and collaborate with industry leaders from the health, medical, and technology industry.

Our Mission

To empower 1 million people by improving the way they move

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

What drives us to deliver better results?

Every day we witness the positive impact of the work we do, and we want everyone to experience the benefits of being empowered to live a life of activity and movement .

This is the sole reason why we exist.

Because we believe in the power of movement as medicine when applied correctly.

Often when people see physiotherapists, specialists or surgeons, there is too much focus on what you can’t do, your limitations, or your pain. At MTP Health we aim to focus on what you can do - to empower you.

We know from over 10 years in practice that our systematic, empowering and progressive approach can help you to achieve lasting results.

Where movement merges with medicine

Through our decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we have seen people often go through the same rollercoaster of injury and re-injury, bouncing from specialist to specialist, clinic to clinic, searching for solutions.

MTP Health was created to empower people to take control of their rehabilitation and their health. And to deliver a seamless patient experience where many specialities can be drawn upon to assist in any consultation at any time.