We Enrich People’s Lives By Empowering Health & Human Performance

At MTP Health we improve the way you move, so you can do more of the things you love without injury or pain. Our entire philosophy is centred on making people’s lives better through empowerment, education and movement.

What makes our approach special?


Exercises prescribed specifically for you


We ensure you understand the why so can take control for life


Continuous evaluation and revision so you continue to improve


Exercise without purpose leads nowhere. We believe in ensuring everyone gets the right exercise prescription, done in the right way, at the right time, for maximal benefit.

We use a combination of cutting edge technology with tried and tested methods to gather all the information we need about your physical capability and movement.

Our comprehensive assessment process ensures that we design treatment plans specific to your needs to ensure you don’t just recover but return better than before!


We pride ourselves on helping you understand your problem and what needs to be done to address it. We provide detailed education, coaching and instruction throughout your time with us irrespective of whether you are in a one on one consultation or one of our group programs to ensure you have the tools to manage any challenges that come your way.


At MTP Health we don’t just want to get you out of pain, we want to get you feeling better than ever. Getting out of pain is only the beginning. To help you become more resilient, prevent injuries and feel your best, we take a layered approach to your recovery. A systematic progression of movement control, skills, strength, power and range of movement are fundamental at any stage of life.

What drives us to deliver better results?

Why? It’s actually pretty simple.

Every day we witness the positive impact of the work we do, and we want everyone to experience the benefits of being empowered to live a life of activity and movement .

That’s the sole reason why we exist. Because we believe in the power of movement as medicine when applied correctly.

Unfortunately in today’s world, there is not enough focus on what you can do.

There is so much focus on what you can’t do, your limitations, or your pain. Often people have seen physiotherapists, specialists and surgeons, but keep getting given the same advice and the same exercises with no lasting improvement.

At MTP Health we know that our Systematic, Empowering and Progressive approach will help you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our Mission

Empowering 1 million people to improve the way they move.

Here's how we can help

1 on 1 Services

Mtp 1 On 1 Services

Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Massage

Our one on one services are private consultations for evaluating, treating and/or planning your care. If you have a recent injury, are unsure of what course of treatment or exercise is best for you or even if you haven’t had the results you were looking for with other practices our one on one services are the place to start.

Telehealth services available for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Group Services

Mtp Group Services

3 Programs Designed to Get You Moving and Feeling Better

RESTORE: Exercise rehabilitation for long term joint pain

MOMENTUM: An exercise group to help you bridge the gap from rehabilitation to performance.

FREEDOM: A small group exercise session designed by our Exercise Physiologists to improve your total wellbeing through structured 60min exercise classes.

Online Programs

Mtp Health Online Programs

Access MTP Online From Your Home or Office

Want to try out our approach but can’t make it into any of our clinic locations or just want to give it a go at home first?

Book in for a Telehealth session or take a course online. We have taken some of our most popular programs and made them available online where you pay once and access them for life!