Urgent Injury Clinic

 "Don't sit and wait for the specialised care that you or your child needs"


Our team of specialist Doctors and Physiotherapists will manage your injury, apply plasters, splints, bracing and communicate to your GP all by appointment from the comfort of our private practice facilities"

About the urgent injury clinic

We understand how valuable your time is and believe you should be able to access high quality, time efficient care for your urgent injury needs. So we created the Urgent Injury Clinic at MTP Health. Designed to provide you with all necessary treatment within 45 minutes of your appointment time.

You will be seen by our team of trauma-trained orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists who work together to diagnose, manage, treat and rehabilitate your injury.

If further x-rays, Ultrasound scans, CT scans or MRI scans to diagnose or check on your progress this will be advised in your triage call.

Why choose us?


Our physiotherapists are trained plaster technicians who can apply and remove all plasters as well as fit custom splints, braces and boots for upper and lower limb injuries.

Reduced wait

We provide easy, convenient access to a scheduled visit where you will be seen and managed within 45 minutes of your scheduled arrival time.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

All clinics are overseen by one of our orthopaedic consultants. If they are of the opinion that your case needs a referral to a sub-specialist surgeon, we will organise that for you.

One fee for all.

There is a $260 fee to attend the clinic and this covers the first consultation with the Physio and Surgeon as needed.

The follow up appointment is $150 for the review and an additional $100 if there is cast removal.

NOTE: Casts, boots, braces etc are purchased separately and we can provide a full price list on request.

What does the process actually involve?

Step 1

Call Us or Book Online

Book into next available Urgent Injury Clinic by calling our clinic or booking online.

Step 2

Receive a Call from Us

One of our team will call you for a triage call to determine the most appropriate service and steps required eg. imaging, referrals etc.

Step 3

Attend Your Appointment

Attend the confirmed clinic appointment where you will be seen and treated by our team within 45mins of your booking time

Step 4

Follow Up Treatment

The removal of any casting, bracing and medical review from our Surgeons will occur at your follow up appointment. We then provide a full recovery plan for you.

If you require a GP referral for your booking we will advise on the triage call.

A little more about our urgent clinic!

We provide an efficient and convenient alternative to the hospital-based public clinic to work around your busy schedule and save you time. Our team of specialist Doctors and Physiotherapists will manage your injury, apply plasters or splints and refer on to other specialists as needed, communicating the whole plan with your GP.

The Urgent Injury clinic is provided across both MTP Health locations servicing the Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches communities.

We believe that patients should be given the option of high-quality private service that reduces the load on the busy public fracture clinics managed by the Northern Beaches Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospitals.

We are not an emergency service

The Urgent Injury Clinic provides “follow-up care” for fractures and injuries and does not provide the acute management of trauma or serious injuries. If you or someone you know has just had a serious injury, please dial 000 or contact your nearest emergency department

What other appointment options are available for you?

We recognise that we won't be the best option for everyone, so here are some other options for you if you don't feel the Urgent Injury Clinic is right for you.

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Book a Private Consultation

You have the option of booking a standalone private consultation with one of our resident Orthopaedic Consultants or Physiotherapists at MTP Health, or another Orthopaedic or Physio practice near you.

Please note, there is no guarantee that specialised fracture physio and plaster services will be available at the time of your appointment which can potentially lead to return visits and referrals to other multiple services/locations.

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Attend The Public Hospital Fracture Clinic

There is a public fracture clinic at the Northern Beaches Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospitals, but you need to be referred through the Emergency Department (your GP cannot refer you directly) and you should be prepared for a waiting time of up to 4 hours.

That's all from us.

If you have any questions left unanswered please feel free to contact your nearest MTP practice at the details shown below.