the Strong Bones Program

What is the Onero™ Program?

 Onero™ is an innovative exercise program specifically designed for individuals with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

With the expert support and guidance from the team at MTP Health Onero™ can help you regain strength, prevent fractures, and enhance your quality of life.

Onero™ is a 12-month evidence-based exercise program that works to improve bone density, muscle strength and most importantly your physical function.

The Onero™ program is delivered by one of our team of Exercise Physiologists to ensure the program is tailored to your needs and implemented safely and effectively.

In addition to the strength exercises the Onero™ program includes additional exercises to improve your balance, reduce and prevent your falls and fracture risk.

Why choose Onero™?

Specialised Expertise

Our Accreditied Exercise Physiologists specialize in working with individuals who have osteoporosis and osteopenia. We understand the unique challenges and considerations associated with this condition and tailor our programs accordingly.

Evidence Based Approach

Onero™ is based on the latest scientific research and evidence in treatment for osteoporosis and osteopenia. The Onero exercises are carefully selected to target bone density, balance and muscle strengthening.

Safe and Effective workouts

Safety is paramount. Our exercise programs are designed with a focus on proper technique, gradual and systematic progression, and appropriate intensity. We ensure a safe training environment to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

What to expect?

While Onero™ is suitable to almost everyone with low bone mineral density levels, the team at MTP Health can also provide personalised consultations for those who are not suitable for the program. Having completed additional training in this specific area, our staff are extremely qualified when it comes to understanding the necessary elements to improve bone density outcomes and reduce fracture risk.

Step 1: Assessment
Before starting the Onero™ program, we conduct an initial assessment to get a better understanding of bone density levels, health history and comorbidities, and physical measures such as balance and strength.
This is an important first step to ensure each client begins at a suitable level and can be progressed as and when capable.

Step 2: Onboarding
To ensure your safety and your comfort in the program following your initial assessment you will have 2 x 30min sessions one on one with your Onero Exercise Physiologist.  This ensures you have full attention of our practitioners when learning the program exercises for the first time and gets you familiar with our facility.

Step 3: Join the group classes
You then join one of our small group sessions twice a week at a time that suits you. Our Onero™ classes are capped at 8 people to ensure that you continue to get plenty of personal guidance.