“An empowering approach to rehabilitation”

The MTP difference is getting you feeling better than ever

We only want one thing for our clients: to give them the result they need to live their absolute best lives.

At MTP Health, we don’t believe in a quick fix. We know that exercise is an incredibly powerful tool, that when used well, can allow people to fundamentally improve the way they move.

Where Movement becomes Medicine

Through our years of experience working in the Allied Health industry, we have come to see that people often go through the same rollercoaster of injury, recovery, and re-injury. We created MTP Health to empower people to take control of their rehabilitation and build resilience, so they are stronger than before, avoid recurrence and can manage flare ups.

We do this by providing carefully designed therapeutic exercise programs that address chronic conditions and injuries at their root. We are experts in helping people to get back to their highest level of function possible, returning to abandoned activities and setting new goals.


Save money by
injuries and reducing
the need for teatment
Avoid or significantly
delay the need for
Get back to the
activities you love
Join our community
and work with others
Get truely
multidisciplinary care
teams working for your
best outcome
Improve your health
and wellbing for life

Our Specialised Exercise Programs

the Knee

Based on your particular knee concerns, we complete a comprehensive functional assessment then develop a 12 week knee rehab exercise plan targeting your unique strengths and weaknesses. To ensure your program is always adapted exactly to you, your progress is reassessed every 4 weeks. Your programming is therefore designed specifically so you get the results you deserve.

the Momentum

The Momentum training program is designed to take your rehabilitation to the next level. It gives you tailored, supervised programming that ensures you build up your resilience. Our approach combines clinical experience into a comprehensive program specifically designed to take you from your current state to where you intend to be. This is the MTP (Move > Train > Perform) difference!

the Lifestyle

Think of the lifestyle program like rehab combined with training. But, instead of getting you back from an injury, we are preparing you for everything that life throws at you. That’s the aim of the lifestyle program! We use our clinical approach to specialised exercise to ensure that what you’re doing has an effect on the only thing that matters: Your Quality of Life

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