Online Programs


Nothing quite substitutes in-person consultations. However, we understand that coming into one of our MTP Health clinics is not always possible and we certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on accessing the expertise of our team due to transport, health risks or geography. So through the wonders of modern technology we now offer ALL of our one on one services through Telehealth.

The process is simple, we carry out as much of our assessment, treatment and support process as humanly possible via video call. We can then provide personalised rehabilitation or performance exercise programming through our customised online exercise app so you have clear demonstration and monitoring for all of your treatment while never leaving the comfort of your home.

MTP Online

Want to try out our approach but can’t make it into any of our clinic locations or just want to give it a go at home first?

We have taken our most popular program and made it available online. Access The Knee Program Online now from your home or office. Pay once and access for life!