Don't just improve, be better than ever!


Where Do You Start?

Like all services at MTP Health your first step is a to be taken through a comprehensive functional assessment process. This is done in person, with one of our team of Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.

Based on your assessment results a personalised exercise and education program is designed specifically for you.

How Does it Work?

Based on your particular goals and concerns, our team of Exercise Physiologists work with you to develop a 6 week specialised exercise plan. To ensure your program is always challenging you, we re-assess your function and your program design every 6 weeks. So you get the results you deserve.

After each assessment if needed you get personalised one on one program onboarding sessions that will enable you to learn your exercises under the close eye of one of our expert team of health professionals.

All group classes are capped at 4 people to ensure that you get plenty of personal guidance.

How much is it? And what is included?

What makes Momentum different to other exercise programs?


Whether you are continuing to advance your rehabilitation from injury or you want to take your performance to new levels. The Momentum program is designed specifically for you, in order to assist you in achieving your goals.


 We believe making real and lasting change is giving you the confidence in your knowledge and your capacity to maintain and improve your health without us. So you are empowered to live a healthy life full of movement.


Every session in the Momentum Program you are guided by our Exercise Physiologists to make sure of the quality and safety of each exercise. Every 4-8 weeks we conduct a comprehensive review assessment and re-programming so you continue to improve.