Preparing for Your Surgery

Before your surgery

You will receive an email with your proposed surgical date and hospital details. In order for your surgery to proceed as planned you will need to ensure you are ready. Below is a guide to help you prepare.

Please be sure to complete all required steps PRIOR to your final pre-op appointment as it will ensure everything is ready for your procedure.

Hospital Admission

Complete you hospital e-admission as soon as possible. This enables the hospital to contact you about your surgery. Select the hospital where you are having your procedure below and follow the prompts.

Cardiology review - Book a pre-operative review with your cardiologist in order to ascertain your surgical risks. If you do not have a cardiologist your doctor will refer you to one.

CT Scan - Your CT scan must be completed at a certified radiology centre. A list of locations will have been emailed to you. Allow 3-4 weeks before your surgery.

Blood tests and swabs - Complete any tests within three (3) weeks of your surgery date. A referral will be provided by your doctor.

Pre-operative appointment - You will have been booked for a final pre-operative review appointment and functional assessment. Make sure you have completed your required scans, cardiology review and blood tests before this appointment. The appointment details will be emailed to you. Fees apply for the consultation and assessment.

Financial consent and payment - You will receive an email with the cost of your surgeon. You must review the financial consent and return a signed copy. Payment for your surgeon must be made 2 weeks (14 days) before your surgical booking. See further information below.

Online questionnaire - Your surgeon may use an online questionnaire. If your surgeon request that you create an account, a link will be emailed to you.

Fresh referral - If your referral will expire before your surgical date, you must obtain a fresh referral from your GP or specialist before your pre-operative appointment.

Financial Information & Consent

There are costs associated with your procedure. Most surgeries carried out by surgeons at MTP Health surgery are not offered under the No Gap / MediGap / Access Gap scheme due their complexity and expertise required by your doctor. Your surgical quote and financial consent will be emailed to you. 

Informed Financial Consent - Please sign and return to us

Before you proceed with treatment you are entitled to ask your doctor, your health insurer, and your hospital about how much your treatment will cost, including any extra money you may have to pay out of your own pocket, commonly known as a ‘gap’ payment. Informed financial consent is provided in writing so it’s clear that you have received and understood this information and agreed to it. The clinical consent form (your consent to the procedure itself) comes with the hospital’s Admission Information pack and will be signed by you with your doctor.

Making payment - Payment for your surgery will be due two weeks (14 days) prior to your surgery. Payments can be made via direct deposit.

Please note there are additional fees beyond those set by your surgeon which are associated with your surgery. These may include:

1) Hospital Bed Costs (inc rehab) - Excess and co-payments depending on your level of cover, you may need to pay an excess and/or co-payment for your hospital admission.

2) Other Hospital Costs - extra tests/ medication when staying at the hospital.

3) ANAESTHETIST FEES: additional out of pocket costs paid direct to the anaesthetist.

4) ASSISTANT FEES: additional out of pocket costs. An assistant is always present in surgery and this will be billed separately.

See the Financial Guide for Surgery for an overview.

Medicare and Health Fund Claims: 

Receipts can only be issued after your surgery is completed. Please allow up to 10 working days after your surgery to receive your receipt. To lodge your claim to Medicare:

1. Direct to the Medicare office in person, followed separately by the health fund.

2. Online via Medicare Express App, download to smart phone - linked to MyGov account for set up

3. POST the 2 WAY Medicare CLAIM forms for Medicare & health fund.

Medicare must approve the claim first, then the health fund will pay the remaining 25% of the estimated rebate.

Financial Guide For Surgery

Post-Operative Follow Up

Following your surgery you will have a two (2) week and then a six (6) week wound check appointment with your doctor.  These appointments are included in your surgical fee and will be pre-booked. Put these dates in your calendar.


After you are discharged from hospital there are two options for rehabilitation:

1) In-patient rehabilitation in rehabilitation facility.

2) Out-patient rehabilitation from home.

Private out-patient rehabilitation is available through MTP Health or your usual physiotherapist.

Medibank Private Members -  please see their webpage about Rehab at Home

For those using 360 Partner Program see their website