Our Vision:

To enrich people’s lives by empowering health & human performance.

Our Approach:

At MTP Health we improve how you move, so you can do more without injury or pain. From giving people a new lease on life, to allowing them to better do what they love, our entire philosophy is centred around making people’s lives better.

What makes our
approach special?

What makes our
approach special?

3 Keys:

Specialised – exercises prescribed just for you

Empowering – education and skills for a lifetime

Progressive – continuous improvement, even through potential setbacks


Exercise without purpose leads nowhere. We believe in ensuring everyone gets the right exercises prescribed in the right way, at the right time, for maximal benefit.
To ensure this we the MTP Principles of Exercise: 1) Keep it simple; 2)Assess first and then prescribe with purpose;3) Always put the first thing first; 4) Reassess, review and refine.
This processes guarantees that exercises are prescribed just for you, at just the right time.


By keeping it simple for you while providing detailed coaching to improve your movement quality, we empower you to improve how you move, and give you more options to keep moving.We aim to educate you on how to self-manage, even around long standing injuries or chronic conditions, and empower you to take control of your health for the rest of your life.


He who treats the site of pain is forever lost.’ Karel Lewit At MTP Health we don’t just want to get you out of pain, we want to get you feeling better than ever.
The key is to address movement quality and ensure progression beyond where you thought possible. With our expert staff, we can keep you moving and progressing no matter what, even through potential setbacks.

What drives us to deliver
better results?

What drives us to deliver
better results?

Our Mission:

Empowering 1 million people to improve the way they move.

Why you ask? It’s actually pretty simple.

On a daily basis, we see the benefits of the work we do and we want everyone to feel empowered to improve their lives through the freedom of movement.

That’s the sole reason why we exist. Because we believe in the power of movement as medicine when done correctly. We also know that our movement experts can get people moving better than before.

Unfortunately in today’s world, there is not enough focus on you. Too much focus on what people can’t do, their limitations, or pain. Often people have seen physiotherapists, specialists and surgeons, but keep getting given the same movements and doing them in the same way. But we believe we can help you by ensuring that you are prescribed the correct exercise with sufficient guidance to do them correctly, and in the correct order to get you the best possible outcomes.

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