MTP Health offers its World Class Exercise Physiology services for self & plan managed NDIS patients. As one of few NDIS Exercise Physiology providers in North Sydney, we're incredibly proud to offer our services.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Programs are developed for clients with disabilities through the NDIS and can be fully funded to aid with the financial costs associated with meeting your rehabilitation goals. MTP Health's NDIS Exercise Physiology providers can offer positive treatment outcomes to clients with issues such as Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Visually impaired, Brain injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Amputees, Stroke and a whole host of other physical & mental disabilities.

Why Should I See MTP Health for My Disability?

An Exercise Physiologist can help people living with a disability to live healthier lifestyles, gain independence and participate at work and in the community. We are one of few NDIS Exercise Physiology providers in North Sydney & are aware of how in demand this service is in our community. To see more detail, go to the FAQ sections below. 


How Can I Get Funded To See MTP on My NDIS Plan?

Funding for exercise physiology can come from one of two budget areas in an NDIS plan:

1. Capacity building – Improved Daily Living

2. Capacity building – Improved Health and Wellbeing

If you have funds allocated to these categories, you can access these allied health support services. If your current budget is allocated to other categories and you’d like to receive allied health services, you can make changes at your next plan review.

Exercise Physiologists may also be able to provide services under Early Childhood Intervention, through your NIDS plan.

For Support Coordinators - Get In Contact

If you're a support coordinator & are interested in getting in contact to see how Exercise Physiology can help your patients,

At MTP Health we pride ourselves in delivering highly effective treatments in a timely manner. As such we will respond within 2 business days of your enquiry. We also have no waiting lists for NDIS participants wanting to get started.

To show you what Exercise Physiology can do for you and your patients on the NDIS, simply get in touch via our email admin@mtphealth.com.au & we will be in touch. We can guarantee that you will have an appointment booked in within 2 business days of your enquiry!

How Will My NDIS treatment Be Provided with MTP Health?

NDIS services with an Exercise Physiologist at MTP Health can be provided as:

1. Individual in-person consultations

2. Telehealth consultations

How to see MTP's Exercise Physiologists through the NDIS

1. Start with your NDIS Plan Meeting with your NDIS planner – Ensure that your requested support is ‘reasonable and necessary' in order to be funded. This means making sure that your goals align with your support services.
MTP Health’s Exercise Physiologists can provide a personalised therapy approach combined with a commitment to exceptional client care through the use of evidence-based and best practice methods to help optimise what is possible with your NDIS plan.

2. Make an appointment - Simply book in for an "NDIS Exercise Physiology Assessment"  appointment type, at the most convenient location to you. You can do this following the the BOOK NOW buttons on this page or by giving us a call (02) 94379794

How Will My First Appointment Look & What's the Plan From There?

Your NDIS Exercise Physiology provider will conduct a clinic-based assessment and develop an exercise plan tailored to your disability that will fit within your specific NDIS plan and goals.

The assessment will look at things like: 

  • How you move
  • Your posture and balance
  • Fitness and strength
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular fitness
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Current medications
  • Any limiting factors such as physical disabilities, injuries, or pain.

MTP Health’s Exercise Physiologists will use this information to develop a program that might include private exercise sessions, exercises to practice at home or lifting weights. You may also be given diet, nutrition or lifestyle advice and be supported to make changes that will help you achieve your goals. 


If you would like to participate in an Exercise Based Rehabilitation Program to improve your function and increase your physical conditioning then either book using the button below or reach out via our contact information at the bottom of this page.

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