Group Rehabilitation & Exercise Programs

The Knee & Hip Program

Our Knee & Hip Program is a specialty program designed as a comprehensive solution to help anyone with persisting Knee or Hip problems. We design each program individually based on detailed assessments and tailor a program just for you. Our expert team then supervises and guides you through your exercise program twice weekly for 12 weeks in small groups (3 ppl) to ensure your quality of movement is optimal for continued improvement. We design your program specifically for you, based on your assessment outcomes. For this reason, we are able to help anyone with Knee or hip pain. Whether you are trying to prevent a joint replacement, have recently had surgery or are an athlete feeling held back by your knee pain the Restore Program can help.

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The Momentum Program

So you had an injury but are not in significant pain anymore. It bothers you but you can carry on. You want to get your health and fitness back on track but you don’t feel that the trainers at your local gym really understand how to help you given your injury history.

We designed the Momentum Program to provide a challenging and safe resilience building exercise program for people who appreciate expertise. Who prefer to know that the team looking after them understands their history and can work with and address their limitations while improving their health and fitness. Just like the Restore Program, we design a customised exercise program based on the results of your comprehensive assessment. We take you through a set of onboarding sessions to ensure you are familiar with the program, then you can join the small group sessions (3 people). With the Momentum Program we aim to bridge the gap between recovery and resilience in a fun and supportive environment.

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The Freedom Program

Exercise should be something that enhances the rest of your life. That makes you feel better and more capable in other aspects of your life. Unfortunately, over the last 15 years of working with people from all stages of life, we have found that there are 3 key barriers to people being able to get the results they want from their exercise:

  1. Knowing what to do
  2. Knowing how much to do
  3. Having adequate support/supervision

These factors get amplified even more as we get older or following serious pain and injury. So we designed the Freedom Program to eliminate these barriers, help you feel confident in your body and live life to the fullest. Our team of Exercise Physiologists design each 12 weeks of training based on assessment results of the group so we are always working on what our members need most, not just what we think is best. We limit the group size to 4 people so you know you will always have adequate supervision and coaching to make sure you are safe and supported.

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