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" We only want one thing for our clients, to give them the result they need to perform at the best of their ability, in life or sport"

Empower your health through movement


At MTP Health, we help you to move and feel better by integrating rehabilitation and performance. We provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs so you can do the things you love with less pain and more joy.

We offer a range of individual and group programs to inspire better movement, including exercise physiology, physiotherapy and orthopaedic consultants.

We guide you through our complete MTP model of care with experience and knowledge. If you're currently living with pain or in need of injury rehabilitation, we are here to help.

The MTP Health approach

Our team includes accredited exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and consultant orthopaedic surgeons. We believe in tailored solutions for each client and create personal care programs that address their direct needs. We offer a complete and highly considered service — assessing, planning, programming, and delivering physical therapy programs for rehabilitation and physical performance.

MTP Health services

MTP Health is a team of passionate healthcare practitioners. Along with our specialised programs such as the knee and hip program we also offer online consultation and programming, we specialise in the following key areas:

Exercise Physiology in Sydney

Our exercise physiology clinic administers personalised movement and exercise programs to treat injury and illness. We use a tailored ‘long-term’ approach, with a focus toward self empowerment to ensure positive changes and long-lasting freedom of movement. Our exercise physiologists are extensively trained and experienced practitioners, with a minimum of 4 years of study at the University level.

Physiotherapy in Sydney

Our Sydney Physio clinic uses a diverse range of methods to assess, diagnose, and treat the underlying causes of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. We listen closely to your needs and implement a tailored program to ensure lasting and sustainable results. Our Physiotherapy team in Sydney is qualified and experienced in the most up to date active rehabilitation techniques, to not only provide relief, but a solution for the long term.

At MTP Health, we offer exercise physiology, massage therapy, and physiotherapy to the people of St Leonards and the North Shore of Sydney. In addition, we administer our much-loved small group knee and hip program and operate an online telehealth program. We have deep knowledge and experience across many fields and enjoy giving people a new lease of life by helping them to feel better and move with more freedom.

If you would like to benefit from our services, please book an appointment today and look forward to a healthier, pain free life through the power of movement.

What makes our approach different?


Assessment, planning and treatment designed specifically for you and your goals


We ensure you understand each step of the process so can take control of your recovery


We carry out continuous evaluation and revision to ensure you continue to improve