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Low Back Pain

Understanding Back Pain

By MTP Health | 7 May 2021

Understanding Low Back Pain Throughout this article, we’re going to provide specific insights and real-world examples that will help you to understand the true physiology behind pain. Evidence shows that through a proper understanding of pain, we can significantly improve someones overall experience of pain, arguably having the greatest impact. This fantastic video below helps…

Freedom Program [Healthy Movement Program]

By MTP Health | 5 May 2021

The Freedom Program [A Focus On Empowerment] Lifestyle Freedom: Having the ability to do whatever you want with your body, any place, any time without being fearful of injury, disease, or ill health.   The Freedom program. It’s the end goal for our patients at MTP Health. An entire program that is based around one…

Knee pain running

How To Reduce Knee Pain When Running

By MTP Health | 21 April 2021

How To Reduce Knee Pain When Running Running is a great way to get a full-body cardio workout in, and you can do it almost anywhere, without expensive gear or a gym membership. What can you do when niggling knee pain starts to occur during a run? If you’re struggling with knee pain after running…

Group Exercise

The Power Of Community

By MTP Health | 31 March 2021

Power of community We’ve all felt it. At some stage in our lives, we have experienced what it’s like to exercise as part of a group. Perhaps it was when we were participating in sport at school. Or maybe it was when you went down to the local gym class. Whatever the case may have…

Kaizen [The Natural Law Of Success]

By MTP Health | 29 December 2020

  Japan is known for it’s efficient approach to technological change that is unmatched by the rest of the world. The secret to this efficiency lies within the idea of consistent effort applied purposefully, that is described by the Kaizen principle. What was initially used as a principle to create change in management techniques for…

A Guide to Squatting With Knee Pain [Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It]

By MTP Health | 22 December 2020

The squat is one of those movements that many people with knee pain are fearful of. A lot of people that we see in the clinic have avoided this movement entirely for years, feeling like squatting is something bad and should never be done. This belief typically stems from the notion that having your knees…

How to Use Our Facebook Group [The MTP Community]

By MTP Health | 21 December 2020

A lot of people who are part of our community at MTP are shocked when they find out about what we offer with our free Facebook group. It’s a resource that allows you to access our rehab experts 24/7, to be able to ask any question you would like, while also being able to learn…

Eccentric Exercise

Eccentric Exercise

By MTP Health | 21 December 2020

In order to get the most out of your exercise program, it’s important to understand precisely what you’re trying to do & why it’s so beneficial. We find that this couldn’t be more true for the specialised exercise programs that we run. Having an understanding of the whys behind why you do something, helps to…


A Comprehensive Guide to Stretching With Knee Pain

By MTP Health | 17 December 2020

Stretching with knee pain and arthritis is something that a lot of people can struggle with. When it comes to our programs, a lot of people ask us: “how come we don’t do a lot of stretching in your programs”? To answer that in detail, we recommend you check out out this article on our…

Single Leg Exercises (The Whys & Hows)

By MTP Health | 17 December 2020

Single-leg exercises are a staple in our programs at MTP. Chances are, you haven’t really done too many of these in the past. This is because they can be somewhat hard to program & difficult to introduce to people with knee pain. Yet they are absolutely essential for maintaining the function of our body.  …


A Guide to Recovery With Knee Pain [4 Simple Tips]

By MTP Health | 17 December 2020

48-72 hours. This is roughly the amount of time it takes for our body to downregulate protein synthesis after an acute bout of intense exercise. Arguably, this is the most important marker we have to measure recovery. It’s an incredibly useful timeframe to keep in mind when we are thinking about how long we should…

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Common Roadblocks When Treating Knee Pain

By MTP Health | 17 December 2020

How To Continue Progressing With Knee Pain We’ve all experienced a roadblock at some stage in our life. It’s that inevitable thing that happens to stop you from feeling like your making progress & instead keeping you down in the dumps about your ability to move forward. What we realise at MTP is that it…

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The Importance Of Glute Strength

By MTP Health | 17 December 2020

Life Is Lived Through Movement Glute strength will be your best friend! The muscles that surround your hips and pelvis are collectively known as the gluteals or “glutes”. These muscles are essential for everyday movements including walking, running, jumping, and stair climbing. The pelvis is an inherently stable joint and everything in the body moves relative to it…

A Brief Guide to Managing Pain [Flare Ups]

By MTP Health | 16 December 2020

In this article, we want to address two of the biggest factors that affect someone’s progress when it comes to knee pain. We are going to use the example of osteoarthritis for sake of ease here, but the principles are the same for any condition. Everything in the article is aimed to be as practical…

Movement Is Medicine

By MTP Health | 16 December 2020

Note: When it comes to managing chronic conditions education has been shown to the most effective form of treatment. This is an example of the kind of welcome that we send out to every person that starts up with our programs at MTP Health. It represents the best kind of information that we have to…

Mobility 101

Improving Your Mobility 101 [All About CARs]

By wsladmin | 27 August 2020

“Nothing Happens Until Something Moves” – Albert Einstein Have you ever wondered what you need to be doing each and every day to improve your mobility and flexibility? Do you think working on your mobility is something you should do more of? Would you like to have a simple set of exercises that can go…

If You Suffer From Knee Pain OR Hip Pain, Here Are 6 Science Backed Exercises to Kill It

By wsladmin | 16 August 2020

Comprehensive research has shown that over 1/3 of the population will develop knee pain and or Osteoarthritis at some stage in their lifetime.   In our complete article series, we showed why this is the case, going deep into exactly what causes Osteoarthritis and associated knee pain.   At MTP Health, we specialise in helping…

Anatomical Breakdown [Runners Mobility Routine]

By wsladmin | 26 June 2020

  This routine is a fantastic full-body routine that can be done before or after a run. It is designed to release the tight spots that most commonly limit runners, while also strengthening key areas that are often neglected. To understand the general theory behind these exercises we recommend watching this video, which we created…

FAQ: Will I Have To See You Forever?

By wsladmin | 25 June 2020

  FAQ: Do I Need To Keep Seeing You Forever To Get The Best Outcome? Absolutely not, as Luke talks about in the video above, our aim with all the programs that we run at MTP Health is to create programs that focus on the best long term result. While most people find that they…

Supermums! The unsung heroes of the Commonwealth Games

By wsladmin | 4 June 2020

By Sarah Antico​The Commonwealth Games, like most sporting competitions, is a public forum for athletes to compete for their dreams. It an event where it doesn’t matter how you got there or who you are outside of your chosen sport, but rather what you do on that track/pool/field/pitch/court that counts. At MTP Health, we often hear…