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What Weight Should I Be Using? [Estimated Reps To Failure A Guide to Optimal Training]

By wsladmin | 31 May 2020

Predicting Intensity of Resistance Training Question: “How does that weight feel?” This is a frequent question you will hear our practitioners asking. If the weight is too easy for certain exercises it means the intensity of effort will be too low, and consequently the adaptation you are trying to achieve will suffer. Intensity is one…

Research Review (Opinion): Minimum Amount of Physical Activity for Reduced Mortality & Extended Life Expectancy

By wsladmin | 31 May 2020

Paper Reviewed: “Minimum Amount of Physical Activity for Reduced Mortality and Extended Life Expectancy: a Prospective Cohort Study” – Wen et al 2011   Question: Can even modest exercise produce health benefits?? The benefits of exercise are well researched and documented. Improvements are seen in strength, body composition and general well-being. The term “exercise is…

How We Actually Get Stronger

By wsladmin | 25 May 2020

Strength is arguably one of the most important physical qualities that we can possess in terms of overall health and longevity. Yet it can be an elusive subject for a large majority people who pursue it. On one end we have the typical fitness trainee who thinks of their strength as a measure of their…

How We Actually Get Stronger – Part 2 [Muscle Contractile Component]

By wsladmin | 25 May 2020

When breaking down what goes into muscular strength it’s important to firstly consider the person who is trying to build it. Are they someone who is in pain, not very active, in their older years and doesn’t have lot of muscle mass? Or are they an athlete trying to gain strength and size in order…

How We Actually Get Stronger – Part 1.1 [Neural Component: A Body With No Limits]

By wsladmin | 25 May 2020

Why is it that someone can compete in the same weight class their entire career as an elite weightlifter, yet still continue to lift more weight each year? Similarly, why is someone able to lift more weight 4 weeks after the first time they picked up a weight in the gym, yet they haven’t gained…

Empowerment – MTP’s Core Principle [Why Laziness & Motivation are Wrong]

By wsladmin | 25 May 2020

Empowerment: “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” We hear it all the time. “I lack the motivation to go the gym”. “That person is [Overweight, Out of Shape, In Pain etc.] because they are too lazy to exercise”. The sloppy pattern of thinking outlined…

How We Actually Get Stronger Part 1.2 [Neural Component: The Movement Hierarchy]

By wsladmin | 22 May 2020

In our last article, we showed that increase in muscle size is only a small part of the increase in strength we see as a result of strength training. We showed that the neuromuscular system is the most significant factor behind our ability to get stronger over the long term. Much of this was focused…

Empowering Insights Episode 4: Pragmatic Skill Acquisition [The Simple Way to Impact Your Life by Speeding Up Your Learning Curve]

By wsladmin | 14 May 2020

“The thing that makes human beings unique as a species is our capability to adpat” What an episode we had this week. Skill acquisition is in our opinion the most important thing underpinning all human life. Progress can be measured by how well we acquire skills. This holds true for the typical notions of a…

Empowering Insights Episode 3: Functional to Structural Decline [Why Injuries Seem To Occur Out of Nowhere]

By wsladmin | 6 May 2020

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of empowering insights. The concept of functional to structural decline is what we feel really helps to separate us from other rehab providers. We regularly get comments like “I’ve exercise before, but not like this” when people come to see us. This is the kind of experience that…

Empowering Insights Episode 2: The MTP Story [All about BK]

By wsladmin | 29 April 2020

Empowering Insights Episode 2: The MTP Story [All about BK] If you guys have been following along with our FB lives, you will have noticed that our story about BK got a little patchy. He had planned to touch on what got him started in the healthcare industry in the first place and why he…

Osteoarthritis: The Real Story

By wsladmin | 2 April 2020

Has anyone ever told you that you have degenerative arthritis? Leaves quite a visceral image in the mind doesn’t it! The picture of a chalky bone, crumbling apart like the Cliffs of Dover while the smooth Teflon like cartilage appears jagged and ripped apart. We imagine that with each step we take, the precious cartilaginous…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 3: Lifestyle & Inflammation]

By wsladmin | 2 April 2020

Lifestyle. It’s the factor that seems to be associated with just about every condition people experience in this day and age. But why is that? And how could it possibly be related to osteoarthritis? These are some common questions that get raised by our patients whenever we touch on this point. And today we are…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 2: Injury]

By wsladmin | 2 April 2020

When was the last time you heard someone talk about what started them on their journey towards a ‘dodgy knee’? Chances are they will be able to pinpoint to an exact period of time when they damaged their knee in some way. Often the story goes like this: “When I was 25, I was skiing…

COVID-19 & MTP Health: How We Are Adapting [MTP Online]

By wsladmin | 27 March 2020

  First of all, we want to say thank you to our community for all of the support they have shown to the team at MTP over the years.   It is a great privilege to be trusted with helping you to recover from injury, prevent or be healthier than ever. At this point in…

Knee Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Most Effective Treatments [A Comprehensive Guide]

By wsladmin | 29 February 2020

The Causes of Osteoarthritis Note: Since writing this article we have expanded our original definition of ‘Osteoarthritis’ to generalised Knee Pain. This is in light of recent evidence that suggests both of these conditions are strongly related. Whenever we refer to Osteoarthritis, OA, or arthritis, you can take this information as being relevant to ‘Knee…

What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Conclusion]

By wsladmin | 29 February 2020

What we have talked about throughout this article series is a comprehensive list of the factors that are likely to contribute to the causes of Osteoarthritis (OA). What we see with these factors is a comprehensive list of things that are completely preventable. When we consider all of these factors, we see that education forms…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 5: Abnormal Joint Loading]

By wsladmin | 29 February 2020

Abnormal joint loading. The name implies that there must be such a thing as ‘normal joint loading’ right? Well, to some extent, this would be correct. However, we want to make it clear, that we are using the term ‘abnormal joint loading’ for a specific purpose. As such, the term has been expanded on, compared…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 7: Psychology]

By wsladmin | 29 February 2020

The mind.   It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to Osteoarthritis (OA).   Not many clinicians really like to deal with this aspect. It usually only mentioned as an afterthought.   But why is this?   Well, first of all, there are a lot of different factors at play. From the perception…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 6: Genetics]

By wsladmin | 28 February 2020

Genetics and osteoarthritis. It’s an unfortunate truth of the world that when it comes to certain diseases we are simply more susceptible to certain conditions as a result of our genes. In terms of our relative risk (i.e. what the odds say about us developing the condition compared to others), this is something that is…


What Actually Causes Osteoarthritis [Part 4: Overweight]

By wsladmin | 28 February 2020

Being overweight. It’s arguably the number one factor that is cited when we look at what causes all chronic diseases. And for good reason. In this 2014 review, we see a whole host of areas listed about the negative health effects of being overweight. We see a recommendation that maintaining a healthy weight through both…