Single-leg exercises are a staple in our programs at MTP. Chances are, you haven’t really done too many of these in the past. This is because they can be somewhat hard to program & difficult to introduce to people with knee pain. Yet they are absolutely essential for maintaining the function of our body.


“Balance is not something you find – It is something you create”


Single-Leg Exercises Can Help Us to Balance Out our Body & Movement In General

The Importance of Single-Leg Exercises

Single leg exercises target legs individually. A split squat or static lunge is a single-leg exercise because the front leg is working much harder than the back leg to lower the body up and down.

Why are single-leg exercises so important?
Single leg exercises are important in knee rehabilitation programs because they counteract our subconscious tendency to favour our unaffected side. Over time, favouring your unaffected side will lead to imbalances in strength and further weakness in the affected area which will only perpetuate your knee issues! Single leg exercises allow us to identify any difference in strength between the legs and work on the affected side to return you to your day to day function.

Single-Leg Exercises will challenge your balance and improve your stability so that you can begin loading the structures around your knee evenly!

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