Stretching with knee pain and arthritis is something that a lot of people can struggle with.

When it comes to our programs, a lot of people ask us: “how come we don’t do a lot of stretching in your programs”?

To answer that in detail, we recommend you check out out this article on our blog, which explains why the idea of stretching is a bit of misnomer, going into the science behind why stretching can sometimes be ineffective & what we recommend instead.

For a short answer to that question, we basically say that our programs achieve many of the outcomes that people are often after with stretching, without needing to stretch (see the article above to understand why this is the case). This is not to say that stretching isn’t always effective, or useful. It’s more saying that stretching is only a small part of the equation & should only be used on top of a comprehensive exercise program. It should be thought of as more of a relief mechanism, as opposed to a long term solution.

To see an explanation of 3 of the most effective relieving stretches for knee pain, see our video below:

“First move well, then move often”


Stretching Can Be a Useful Tool To Relieve Pain, But Can Sometimes be Uncomfortable With Knee Pain, Use These Guidelines to Help

Everyday Stretches for your knees

Why Stretch?
Stretching, in conjunction with exercise can help to facilitate increases in flexibility, improve recovery time, and reduce pain. Increasing the flexibility of a muscle or joint will aid in promoting optimal function.

When should I stretch?
Our philosophy on ‘when’ is anytime is better than not at all! Aim to stretch in the mornings and after training when muscle groups are tightest. Without appropriate recovery, worked muscles may lose flexibility and this can compromise the range of movement of the joint.

Simple Stretches
Here are some light stretches that can be performed anytime to help with recovery and pain.



Whilst sitting, place one foot over the opposite knee. Maintaining a straight spine, lean forward over the knee until you feel a stretch deep in your glute.

Calf and Hamstring
Extend the leg forward and turn the foot out 45 degrees, then slowly reach to touch the heel of the outstretched foot until you feel a light stretch behind the knee.

While standing, grab one foot and pull it back towards your bottom. Stand tall and bring your hips forward. You should feel a stretch at the front of the thigh.


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