“Bridging the gap between pain & human performance”


The MTP Model of Care

The MTP Model of Care Helps To Articulate How We Aim To Progress


That is what MTP Health is founded on. It’s all based on the fundamental concept of the dysfunction – pain continuum that you can see here.

You see we started MTP Health for one big reason. It was because we saw there was a problem with the way things were being done in the industry. This problem was causing people to become frustrated with their experience and in some cases actually become worse!

We’re so passionate about this that we wanted to take the liberty to help explain the key things that set us apart. Check it out here:


Key Points established above  

  • Why MTP Exists in respect to the rest of the health industry – To provide more comprehensive care to those who need it (the last port of call).
  • What we see frustrating most people who deal with the mainstream rehabilitation industry – A lack of progression, consideration for the individual or individualization.
  • Where Improve the Way you Move comes into things – Movement is at the root of everything we do as human beings. There is no life without movement.  Our belief is that most injury issues are at their root, a movement issue.
  • Why simply being pain-free isn’t enough for us to feel like we have gotten the result we want – Pain can be a red herring. It’s a response of the brain & a perception of threat. This means that just because we don’t feel pain, doesn’t mean that we’re entirely better (particularly if it’s something we’ve been struggling with for a while). You can see more about the concept of pain in our practical article on how to manage pain & flare-ups HERE. To understand even more detail about the specific psychology of pain check out this article HERE.
  • Why we believe active interventions are the way of the future – Research is beginning the clearly show that empowerment (learn more HERE) is the absolute form of treatment over the long term. So much so that the intervention itself may not be as important as the ability of it to empower someone to manage their own condition. In our experience, fostering empowerment is virtually impossible with anything other than active intervention (i.e. movement-based prescriptions).
  • How the MTP process actually works – See more about the general philosophy HERE.
  • What most of the healthcare industry does really well
  • Why focusing on the pain site isn’t always the best way to do things – As we talked about before, pain can be a red herring. In almost all cases, pain is in someone a manifestation of a movement-based issue.
  • Why most people go from treatment to being injured again in a short amount of time
  • Why investing on the front end is the better way to stay strong for life
  • What a comprehensive assessment & plan should like – Any rehab intervention that lasts less than 12 weeks is simply not allowing you to reach your fullest potential with improving your issue. What’s more, the plan should show you exactly how you will manage your improvements on your own after you have finished the structured portion (i.e. returning to what you love).
  • Why pain is more of a combination of stressors (& how we address this) – See a detailed article on this HERE.


The Movement Hierarchy

Behind everything that we do within MTP Health sits the movement hierarchy. It’s the fundamental guide to our prescription of movement-based interventions & ‘corrective’/ ‘rehab’ exercises. Even a brief understanding of this concept will allow you to be ahead of 99% of other exercisers, as it is the thing that limits most people’s progress (in our experience).

In application, it’s simply a concise summary of how movement works within the body (& what the necessary pre-requisites for it are). You can see more about this concept in the article/ graphic below:

Empowering Insights Episode 3: Functional to Structural Decline [Why Injuries Seem To Occur Out of Nowhere]

Working with Respect to The Movement Hierarchy Helps Articulate the MTP difference


We hope that this has added some clarity to what makes MTP unique. We get so many questions about why we are different from conventional physiotherapists/ rehab providers. It all comes down to improving the way you move.

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