​If you struggled to land properly and displayed poor movement quality on any of the screening tests from Part 2 it is not the end of the world. Luckily for you I have provided exercises which I believe are some of the best for preventing non-contact ACL injury in soccer. Please note that I am solely focussing on landing exercises and these won’t make up the bulk of your strength and conditioning program.
The following 6 exercises can be implemented into your own soccer training sessions, for example during the warm-up, or before and between sets of your main strength exercises in the gym. The aim is to build a robust and resilient knee to reduce your risk of non-contact ACL injury (or any non-contact knee injury for that matter!). The big focus is on the movement quality of the landing, specifically the link between the trunk, hip, knee and ankle. Perform 2-3 sets of 4-8 repetitions and aim to stick/hold the landings for about two to three seconds. Don’t get left behind this soccer season and miss out because your knee was not prepared for the rigours of a soccer match. 

1. Forward Hop (single leg): 

2. Diagonal Hop and Stick: 

3. Lateral Hop and Stick

4. Single Leg Drop and Stick

5. Jump and Land with Perturbation

6. ​Rotational Hop and Stick (double)

An exercise physiologist can take you through an ACL preventative program that is structured and individualised to give you and your players the best chance of staying injury-free this soccer season.
Want to learn more about how we can help you stay injury free this season? At MTP Health we take you through a full comprehensive ACL screening that is specific to soccer performance. This includes aforementioned tests shown in Part 2 plus many more. Following the assessment, we will provide a structured and individualised training program for you to have the best chance minimising your risk of non-contact ACL injury and optimising your on-field performance.
COACHES: Always remember that the athlete’s best ability is their availability.

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