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Every other day at MTP Health patients present with concerns about being diagnosed with a Baker’s cyst or Popliteal cyst. Understandably, finding out you have a “cyst” in your knee sounds bad. But the good news is they really are harmless. Without a doubt they can be annoying and a little uncomfortable at times but…

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“Unlocking the Mystery of Meniscal Tears: Diagnosis and Treatment for a Common Knee Injury” What are meniscal tears? The menisci are C-shaped pieces of cartilage in your knee that act as shock absorbers and help to stabilise the joint. A meniscal tear is a common injury that occurs when one or both of these pieces…

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Knee pain running

How To Reduce Knee Pain When Running Running is a great way to get a full-body cardio workout in, and you can do it almost anywhere, without expensive gear or a gym membership. What can you do when niggling knee pain starts to occur during a run? If you’re struggling with knee pain after running…

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